Assessment: Find Out If You’re a Superboss

How good are you at nurturing talent?

The best bosses in the world don’t just surround themselves with talent; they spawn it. Think of Julian Robertson in finance, Larry Ellison in technology, Jon Stewart in entertainment, Alice Waters in restaurants, and Bill Walsh in coaching. All took on and trained protégés who became leaders in their respective fields. Do you have what it takes to propel your team members in the same way? These questions, drawn from years of research into what “superbosses” do differently, will help you assess that question. Think about your present job and answer honestly, focusing on what you actually do, not on what you aspire to do.

  1. When evaluating job candidates, you tend to focus more on potential than experience.

  2. You regularly communicate specific goals and expectations to your team.

  3. You routinely ask employees to tell you what they think about a particular issue of business importance.

  4. You customize coaching for each person on your team.

  5. You organize group work so that people need to both collaborate and compete to hit targets and get ahead.

  6. Several of your former employees have gone on to bigger jobs at your organization or outside of it.

  7. You stay in touch with people even after they’ve stopped working for you.

Source: Assessment: Find Out If You’re a Superboss

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