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A Refresher on Internal Rate of Return

Understand this commonly used way to calculate ROI. This article has been updated. You’ve got a great idea for a new product that will increase revenue or a new system that will cut the company’s costs. But how can you be sure that it’s a worthwhile investment? Any time you propose a capital expenditure, you can

To Recover Faster from Rejection, Shift Your Mindset

A new study on resilience. Everyone knows what rejection feels like. It’s a universal (and universally disliked) experience, but it’s one that we each experience differently. For the most part, people are pretty good at moving on with their lives — even better than they might guess. Sometimes, though, getting rejected hurts more than we expect,

46 Bible Verses about Business Ethics

Leviticus 19:11 ESV / 271 helpful votes “You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another. Proverbs 22:1 ESV / 119 helpful votes A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold. Romans 12:2 ESV / 113 helpful