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Emotion and the Art of Negotiation

NEGOTIATIONS Emotion and the Art of Negotiation by: Alison Wood Brooks It is, without question, my favorite day of the semester—the day when I teach my MBA students a negotiation exercise called “Honoring the Contract.” I assign students to partners, and each reads a different account of a (fictitious) troubled relationship between a supplier (a

Dependence Vs. Independence In Sault Economy

Since the 1950’s Sault Ste. Marie, MI has put itself in a dependent economic relationship with Sault Canada. This article discuses 3 options to gain Economic Independence. In the words of President Truman, The only thing new in this world is the history you don’t know.  So lets review the economic changes in the 1900s

A Better Way to Calculate the ROI of Your Marketing Investment

A Better Way to Calculate the ROI of Your Marketing Investment Traditionally, marketers calculate the ROI of a marketing investment by measuring how much sales increased in its aftermath. This is a blunt metric: maybe the consumer had a different interaction with the brand that influenced them. Or maybe they had an intrinsic preference for

How Money Works (2)

This is the third in my series of How Money Works. You can read the last issue here. The last post we talked about attitude, the Poverty Mentality, and the resulting issues from those attitudes in relationships. In this post, we will talk more about how one thinks about money and how to use it. Friends

How Money Works

Last weeks Monday article spoke of Economic Development in Michigan’s Oldest City and this is a continuation of that topic. We talked about how Economics is a Social Science and that relationships are acme to well running economies. The phrase “Attitude is Everything” was as true in middle school as it is now in business.  I