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How libertarians hijacked liberal economics Chicagonomics: The Evolution of Chicago Free Market Economics. By Lanny Ebenstein; 278 pages; $29.99 SINCE its foundation in 1890, the University of Chicago has built a world-class reputation for economics. Since 1969 it has produced no fewer than 28 winners of the Nobel prize for economics, including Friedrich Hayek, Milton

Ideas for Christmas Sales |

Christmas is a profitable holiday for most retailers, though fierce competition requires creative marketing and sales promotions to bring customers through the doors and entice them to make purchases. Friendly customer service representatives, fast service and an appealing selection of merchandise, paired with special pricing structures and perks, can help create a jolly holiday sales

Economic Development In Michigan’s Oldest City

People in my circles throw the term ‘Economic Development’ around a lot. Over the past several years there have been many semantic variations of ‘ED’, Economic Gardening being one of them.  Most people, outside of government work,  have questioned what that really means. I think it means something different than what my government friends think