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Why 4 a.m. Is the Most Productive Hour – WSJ

Some people begin to work or tackle personal tasks before sunrise, aiming to find focus before distractions begin in the standard morning rush. Most people who wake up at 4 a.m. do it because they have to—farmers, flight attendants, currency traders and postal workers. Others rise before dawn because they want to. Russ Perry, the

46 Bible Verses about Business Ethics

Leviticus 19:11 ESV / 271 helpful votes “You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another. Proverbs 22:1 ESV / 119 helpful votes A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold. Romans 12:2 ESV / 113 helpful

Seeking the Three Kings

THE BIBLICAL story of the Magi is part of an enduring Christmas tradition, but with an unexpected legacy. So what did the story really signify? Source: Dec 16th 2014, 17:13 BY ECONOMIST.COM