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FILE- This Feb. 12, 2009, file photo shows two turtle doves in St. George Island, Fla. The cost of two turtle doves rose 11.5 percent, according to the 32nd annual PNC Wealth Management Christmas Price Index released Monday, Nov. 29, 2015. Monday marks the 32nd year that the Pittsburgh-based bank tracks inflation by pricing the cost of the items listed in the “The Twelve Days of Christmas” carol. (AP Photo/Phil Coale, File)

(AP Photo/Phil Coale, File)

If someone buys you all of these presents, then that would really be “true love.”

PNC Wealth Management released its annual “Christmas Price Index” Monday, which calculates how much it would cost to buy the gifts in the Christmas carol “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

If one’s “true love” bought all of the gifts mentioned in song’s final verse, then the bill would come out to $34,130.99, up from $33,933.22 in 2014 — making 2015 the priciest year yet. And it would cost $155,407.18 to buy the presents every time they are repeated in the song (364 gifts). That’s up from $154,508.08 last year.

Here’s the full list:

  • Partridge: $25 (up from $20 last year)
  • Pear tree: $189.99 (up from $187.68)
  • A partridge in a pear tree: $214.99 (up from $207.68)
  • Two turtle doves: $290 (up from $260)
  • Three french hens: $181.50 (same in 2014)
  • Four calling birds: $599.96 (same)
  • Five gold rings: $750.00 (same)
  • Six geese-a-laying $360 (same)
  • Seven swans-a-swimming $13,125 (same)
  • Eight maids-a-milking: $58 (same)
  • Nine ladies dancing: $7,552.84 (same)
  • Ten lords-a-leaping: $5,508.70 (up from $5,348.24 last year)
  • Eleven pipers piping: $2,635.20 (same)
  • Twelve drummers drumming: $2,854.80 (same)
  • These calculations are based on data from retailers, hatcheries, the Philadelphia dance company PHILADANCO and the Pennsylvania Ballet Company.

Here’s how the Pittsburgh-based bank explained the rationale for some of the notable price changes in a statement:

Nine of the 12 items in the index maintained their cost this year. The cost of the Partridge in a Pear Tree rose 3.5 percent, primarily due to the Partridge’s growing popularity as a gourmet food and in backyard farming. Turtle Doves are up 11.5 percent due to increased grain prices, and Lords-a-Leaping prices rose 3 percent due to an increase in salaries.

Source: Here’s How Much the ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ Gifts Would Cost in 2015 | TIME

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