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Christmas is a profitable holiday for most retailers, though fierce competition requires creative marketing and sales promotions to bring customers through the doors and entice them to make purchases. Friendly customer service representatives, fast service and an appealing selection of merchandise, paired with special pricing structures and perks, can help create a jolly holiday sales season for your business.

Get Them Early

Hold early pre-Christmas sales to get into customers’ wallets before holiday shopping rushes commence. Many Christmas shoppers start buying in earnest after Thanksgiving, so hold pre-Thanksgiving sales to cut your competitors off at the pass. Post-Thanksgiving sales are often hectic shopping environments, so promote a wide selection, good pricing and a calm, relaxing shopping environment before the storm of the Christmas crush.

Make it Fun

Christmas shopping can be stressful for customers, so look for ways to make your holiday sales a pleasurable experience. Provide free Christmas cookies, hot chocolate and coffee to early shoppers. Offer fun, festive giveaways, like an inexpensive ornament with your store logo, a candy cane or a raffle ticket for a prize drawing. Play Christmas carols or invite children’s choirs to perform in your store to attract customers. If you’re an upscale retailer, hire a string quartet to play Christmas classics.

Sweet Discounts

Hand out Christmas candies to shoppers as they enter your store that have mystery discount coupons on the inside. For example, distribute miniature chocolate bars with a five, 10 or 20 percent off discount coupon underneath the label that customers can use on top of your sales pricing structure. Hand out another candy bar at checkout to encourage shoppers to come back again before the holiday shopping season ends.

Host Events

Have your own store Santa or singing reindeer in-house to attract customers. Offer free childcare to allow parents the opportunity to browse and shop at their leisure, or cordon off a section of your store with comfortable seating and show classic Christmas movies for weary patrons. Host special events to bring in patrons, like a Christmas tea or a pictures-with-pets in front of a tree. Follow with a one-hour shopping bonanza in which prices are momentarily slashed.

Bundle Products

Bundle products to encourage multiple purchases. For example, offer buy one sweater, get one free deals, or sell a sweater, hat and scarf combo. Give free gifts or discount cards for future use when buyers hit a certain dollar amount in purchases. For example, a box of chocolates for all sales over $50 or a $25 store credit for every $100 spent. People may give away the “extras” or keep them for themselves.

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