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Getting the Most from an Online Customer Community

More than 15 years ago, my company and several others pioneered a novel approach to understanding consumers: engage with them through private, online communities. For the first time ever, brands had an ongoing dialogue with customers. Over the years, online community research has matured from novelty to necessity – an essential tool for marketing professionals.

Your Company Culture Can’t Be Disconnected from Your Customers

Most companies only look inward. Few leaders today would deny the importance of organizational culture — it shapes and sustains both employee productivity and business results. But although culture matters to managers trying to transform their organizations and even auditors who now work todocument culture, it is often ambiguous and hard to define. Culture is more than

Be a Team-First Manager and Watch Your Customer Service Soar

by: Marc Davis Most founders have two stakeholders to please: customers and employees. While that sounds easy enough, it isn’t always simple. There are times when the best interest of a customer is at odds with that of an employee. For example, imagine an upset customer who is becoming demanding of an employee. How do you solve this? Is the customer